Monday, 30 December 2013

Hi my name is Sev and I am an unorganised mum of three mad but amazing children,at least  one with ADHD and Aspergers .
I am also a triple international award winning wildlife and landscape artist . I get to play in the Mall galleries and support the David Shepherd wildlife foundation and sell my work .
This blog is all about how to manage the crafty side of me , the professional (but untidy) part of me , the mum/wife/sister/daughter part of me and make 2014 an organised ,clean,tidy productive and most of all happy year .

My house has been in desperate need of some TLC for some time , my artist studio I couldn't get in to do work , my kids wore me out , my dad passed away and my mum got ill . I felt the pressure .  I realised life would be  whole lot nicer if I got ORGANISED . Thats when I discovered Pinterest and had a cascade of AAHHH's .  Whilst getting myself impossibly addicted I found myself falling in love with filofax's (you know where this is going ) and now I am also a stationary addict . I am not sorry !

This blog is about my life , my work , my studio and my filofax and how I plan to turn things around . get organised , productive , inspired and in control . I have learned to appreciate the beautiful things in life . The special moments  the hot cup of coffee or tea , a perfect bath , and studio time where I can let my inner chaos out onto the canvas .

I started with my studio .
I had baskets full of paint that were heavy to move and I could never find the colours I wanted , nor could I see if i ran out . My studio is only tiny so I needed  floor space urgently , it is approximately 9ft x 10ft . My canvas is often large so bespoke storage will be made for that .
I was walking past a second hand furniture shop and saw in the window the perfect white slim shelving unit for my pots of paint . I repainted that again for a better finish and added some hanging paint tube storage next to it . Instant happiness !
This is the start of my journey into being an organised artist . I will keep posting my progress and hope you will enjoy following along with me . Comments are welcome , I would love to get to know you and what you think :-)
If you are curious about my artwork please check my website
I also have two Etsy shops that I will link to in later blog posts , they need organising too !
My next post will be about my new ( and totally gorgeous) filofax , just because I cant resist sharing ! Have a great start to your new year .
Sev :-)