Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hi all :-) Since the weather is so nuts outside I have been brightening things up making fun dividers for my filofax retro bloom personal . We are all on a tight budget this year and I love to use what I have anyway so I dug out some free samples of craft paper I kept from a paper craft magazine and used those instead of buying new and I really like these designs . I drew round the original dividers for the template,excluding the tag and cut them out . I then created a tab on top using some post it sticky tabs that I got from a stationary store . Possibly paperchase . I have a personal size filofax hole punch that is really easy to use and can attach to the rings in the filofax so you can carry it around with you if you feel the need . These papers had the benefit of being double sided designs , each one different so I get twice as much colour  for each divider . 

These were really easy to do and I can change them in and out for different designs if and when I feel like it .
My studio kit has been sneaking out onto my desk whilst  it has a refit and my Caran D'ache Swiss colour artists pencils are perfect for adding some illustrations to my diary pages . More to show on that in later posts .
I am also loving my washi tape storage , which is a storage box for sewing threads and craft bits . It fits the tape perfectly and allows me to see instantly what I have . I did show my husband and explain to him that it was woefully understocked and he actually agreed !  Amazed but happy that I might in the near future get some more :-D

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