Sunday, 19 January 2014

Organised ! Things I have been sorting out . Studio , house and Filofax .

Its feeling springlike ! It seems we have completely skipped winter in Kent and I have been opening the doors , letting fresh air in and starting that spring clean early . As i'm doing that I have been organising problem areas as I go . 
This is the drop zone . The magazine rack I got at a bargain price at IKEA and I love it . School letters go here . It is just inside the porch  and front door . the Calendar has all the school dates and appointments on it and school letters , medical letters and things that need doing go in here . 

The other side of the house , this is the backdoor drop zone . Here all my gardening supplies , seeds , gloves , magazines etc used to be  just stuffed onto shelves . The storage boxes I got from store 21 and a lot of them were on sale . Only a few pounds each .  Scrap booking papers and supplies are also tucked away on here since I use the dining/garden room as a craft room as well . Its right next to my studio  The kids can create right next to me .
Through the door and in my art studio . I found a cheap kitchen rail and pots at IkEA perfect for getting my paintbrushes off the table surface  . The table I rescued from my brothers garage and cleaned and varnished it up . It is paint splattered again now but I can see the fab grain of the wood through it and it is a studio right ?
The only place I could find for the wrapping paper supplies was in the studio doorway . Not ideal but at least its neat . IKEA carrier bag holders did the trick for this . The CD rack is from IKEA too . Perfect for my small rolls of tape  and other artist stuff .
Canvas storage ! finally . Now i know , this still looks a bit messy but it has freed up a LOAD of florspace which I desperately need in the studio and it stores my canvas safely out of my way . Paint does fly . This was made from old bed slats , wardrobe wood  and bits of old furniture we had stored in the shed . We never throw wood away it is far too useful .
The CD rack storage again closer . The paint chart Is not an artist paint one , i picked it up at Homebase and loved the colours . I will use it for reference when I am looking for a shade to mix .
I covered old coffee white tins with some Swiss srapping paper I picked up last time I was over there . I love the humming bird design .
Another rail and pots from IKEA on the canvas storage .
Then I moved onto the airing cupboard /closet . The fabric boxes are yet again IKEA and super cheap , much cheaper than all the other storage they have and a great size and colour too . I labelled them and organised them into bedding sets /sheets/towels etc to make it easy to find what I want and anything I didn't need got recycled .
My wardrobe ! The top shelf used to be stuffed (I do mean that ) with jumpers and piles of unorganised tshirts so I used what boxes and baskets I had and labelled them . Easy peasy to find my fave jumper now .
After all that hard work I just HAD to reward myself . I finally got the Martha Stewart stickers from staples that I have wanted ever since I saw them  . The colours are just perfect and as an artist colour is very important to me . So . had to have .
Thanks for joining me again :-)
Have fun and I would love to read your comments ,
 Sev :-)

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