Sunday, 5 January 2014

New stationary

I have new stationary . How cute are these ! Ebay is a great place to find washi tape Kawaii stationary . I love Rilakkuma (sleepy bear) and I have my eyes on a pink and cream pen , also a brown and cream one some day . My watch list is huge . I also have an Amazon list and a staples list..... :-) 
Receiving something nice in the post gives me a great lift in my day and using it keeps me happy and organised . Yes , so far the organising is working ! its great to see things ticked off and have a visual mark of achievement . 

Here is my new stationary and stickers being used in next weeks page setup . The highlighters are from Paperchase and I couldnt resist them . 

I will end up with a million highlighters if I keep finding ones as cute as these . My girls have started looking at my desk with  sparkly eyes and edging closer .  These are really easy to use and feel great in my hand , not fiddly at all .
I decided to store my small collection of washi tapes in a glass storm lantern because I don't have enough (yet) for bespoke storage for them  but I have plans in that direction for sure . I love to be able to see them and I want them all lined up in colour order looking gorgeous one day .

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