Sunday, 12 January 2014

Playing ahead with my Filofax Retro Bloom personal .

I got ahead of myself because I had some quite time and lots of new stationary goodies and I had an art moment . I went ahead to Easter in my Retro Bloom Personal and let my inner artist out a bit . I love playing with colours and layout .  I just LOVE the bunnies ! 

Then I went ahead to cherry blossom time and had a doodle . I love bright pages it makes me look forward to the week . Washi tape is so much fun . I really need the whole rainbow of colours .
I have found that I enjoy my Filofax so much I have used it for everything including clipping my shopping list into the front of it and walking with it perched on the trolley food shopping . Because I can keep sp much information in it . everything really , my family have started using it through me too .
This is a page divider I made myself and the following page is the start of the dairy section . I just love those big post its . So cute !
Apart from playing with my Filofax I have also organised the airing cupboard , photos STILL to follow and today my husband made me proper canvas storage for my studio . I cant believe how organised I am getting (though I am not getting any painting done yet ) and it is sooooo much easier !

Hope you all have a great week and happy organising and creating !
Sev xxx

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