Saturday, 4 January 2014

My first filofax !

I have a filofax !
A beautiful retro bloom personal .
I have no idea how I managed without it before . I plan to use it for just about everything . To organise my work life as an artist , my mum life , the cat , organising , meal planning , diet and exercise , everything . Never again will I lose track of things . This is heaven . For someone as scatty as me this is the answer to everything .

I am personalising it to make it fun to use so I actually do remember to use it  and as I love colour so much I am now also addicted to washi tape and stationary . I have a previously undiscovered desire to organise me life . Perhaps it was hitting 40 that made me decide to get with it . Just look at that cover ! I smile each time I see it .

I personalised it with a charm with my initial on it , just because I could and that makes me smile too . 

Inside it has post it notes because I can easily change appointments by unsticking and moving the post it note to another page . With three young children this is a must . Nothing ever stays the same and I love the flexibility of that .

I bought some business card holders for my personal business cards , I used to store them in my handbag pocket but they didn't fare so well in there . Here they will stay nice and crisp and perfect .
Because I am , after all , an artist I couldn't hold back from personalising my dividers . I love blue butterflies and really like how this turned out .
My first week ever using a filofax . My week was almost filled before It even started . How did I keep all that in my head before ?
The other side of my business cards and my inspiration page to keep me feeling positive and on track .
I bought some clear pockets from paperchase for filofax to hold my page fun page markers , more sticky tabs and some stickers that I love to personalise my pages with . In the back I have clipped a school timetable so I know when the term dates and teacher training days are .
I love my charm :-)

I have a red pen in today . I will change my pens around just for variety . I love to make things different for myself every day .
I found these magnetic flower page clips in a Tiger store . I think . I love the bright colours .
Flicking through my filofax gives me a sense of being organised , and I feel that I am managing things far better than I ever did which takes a lot of worry and stress away from being a busy mum .
Tiger store has many packs of stickers and I came out with some really nice ones . My favourite could be this russian doll . Could be . Because I love the rest too .
I am really looking forward to 2014 being my first organised and tidy year ever . with less stress , more relaxing , healthy eating and exercise . Life is starting again at 40 and I love it ! 

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  1. Hi Sev, looks like you're on the right track and a pretty one at that. I'm having a similar year and all thanks to a new Collins day plan planner my hubby got me. Have been happily personalising and decorating it these last few weeks as well. Making my own lists and printing them off on my Canon Pixma. It can actually print on the tiny planner pages. How awesome is that?! Final job for January is to decorate the outside as it is a very eighties looking black leather. I'm thinking dots:-)